List of Exhibitors

Company name Participant times
Aksa Power Generation (China) Co., Ltd.10 Session
AnHui EvoTec Power Generation Co., Ltd.5 Session
Anhui haery Aviation Power Co., Ltd.1 Session
API Heat Transfer (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.3 Session
Asia Pacific Power Electric Limited/FG Wilson(Shantou F.T.Z.)Power Ltd.8 Session
AstroNova (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.3 Session
Basler Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.15 Session
Bayerische Elektrische Maschinen GmbH1 Session
Beijing BeiNei Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.8 Session
Beijing BRCX Technology Co., Ltd.1 Session
Beijing Haokai Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.5 Session
Beijing Sumbright Mechanica & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.2 Session
Brentwood Asia Limited1 Session
Briggs&Stratton (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.5 Session
Camda New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.1 Session
Caterpillar6 Session
Changchai Co., Ltd.17 Session
Changsha Fuside Automation Technology Co., Ltd.2 Session
Changsha Zison Electric Co., Ltd.1 Session
Changshu Yahgee Modular Building (CYMB) Co., Ltd.2 Session
Changzhou Belesen Auto Electric Parts Co., Ltd.1 Session
Changzhou xinDa Generator Rental Co., Ltd.2 Session
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