PowerLink Participated in the 14th (Shanghai) International Power Exhibition
On May 13th, PowerLink carried its various generator sets, mobile light tower and CHP unit to participate in the 14th (Shanghai) International Power Exhibition
PowerLink has been committed to the design, manufacturing, and sale of various generator sets(5-2250kVA), lighting towers(7-20kVA), screw air compressors(diesel driven: 60~1020cfm/motor driven: 13~2507cfm), and CHP units. for more than ten years. Over 70,000 PowerLink generator sets and other engineering equipment are in operation in nearly 100 countries around the world. PowerLink product are widely used in commercial, residential, industrial, medical, telecommunications, military, aerospace, engineering and other outdoor areas, particularly harsh environment, such as mining, desert, high altitude plateau.
PowerLink is committed to provide our global users with first class power and engineering equipment as well as excellent service. Customer-focused, market-oriented, to provide customers with quality and reliable first-class equipment, and reduce the cost of customers, and strive to improve the market competitiveness of the products is the consistent pursuit.
The exhibition lasted for three days with more than 1000 customers visiting PowerLink booth and inquiring about our products.
(News from PowerLink)